(25 April 2015)

Round Table International understands that 41 International is their past and their future and 41 International understands that Round Table International is their past and their future. Because of this common understanding both Organisations undertake to work together.

10 point action guidance plan
for RTI & 41 INTERNATIONAL and their members

  • 1. Both Organizations should promote each other and write articles in their respective official means of electronic communications & publications like Newsletter, Facebook Page, magazine and their Web-Pages and Directories.
  • 2. Round Tables to issue a letter of recognition of the services rendered to the society as a Tabler and 41 to issue a letter of invitation to retiring Tablers.
  • 3. A day demarcated to celebrate 41ers day and Round Table day in the respective clubs.
  • 4. Regular joint Board meetings of RT and 41 at National and International level. Member countries to ensure that local RT and 41 Clubs meet on a regular basis.
  • 5. President of both Organisations to be invited with partner to participate in the AGM as guest with accommodation and registration paid for. This invitation to be followed by the both Organisation’s members for their Presidents at National and Local level.
  • 6. Round Table projects to be supported by 41 Clubs and all 41 Club community projects to be routed through Round Tables. Also to encourage members to identify common charity projects.
  • 7. 41 Club members to make their children, grandchildren, friend’s children join Round Tables.
  • 8. Mutually help in forming or reviving clubs in countries.
  • 9. To initiate a common International focus/community service.
  • 10.The MOU to be reviewed every 2 years by the Boards of RTI and 41 International to see if any changes need to me made.